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 Hovertour 1000 and Hoverguard 1000 by Hovertechnics

The "1000 Chassis" comes in two variants: the Hovertour 1000 and the Search and Rescue Hoverguard 1000. Both models come equipped with the General Motors 5.7 Liter V8 water-cooled engine developing 250 HP. The "1000" offers a robust platform for a variety of personal use, tourism, light utility and rescue needs. The Hovertour 1000 can accommodate up to seven seats.

Dimensions Engine
Length 19'3" (4.88M) (4.42M) Type GM
Width 8'0" (2.44M) Capacity 5.7 Litres
Cockpit Length 9'0" (1.80M) Maximum Horsepower 250 HP @ 4,200 RPM
Cockpit Width 5'0" (1.50M) Fuel Capacity 40 US gal. (150L)
Height over Strobe Light 80" (2.03M) Battery 2 x 875 cca
Approx. Dry Weight 2,500 lbs (998kg) Ignition 12 Volt electronic
Approx. Hover Height 12" (30cms) Charging 90 amp
Maximum Payload 1200lbs (385 kg)
Maximum Recommended Speed (calm water) 35mph (56km)
Time to Reach Hump Speed 12 seconds
Wave Handling Capability  2 ft (60cms)

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