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ACV Designs ACV Designs is a design house offering plans and information kits for builders of small, personal hovercraft. Need a boat?  Visit to find out what's for sale now! Visit Boating News to read the latest on the boating scene.
Cummins Engine Company Inc. Cummins Engine Company Inc. is the manufacturer of engines for the Vanair Vanguard Hovercraft.
Firewall Forward Aero Engines Firewall Forward Aero Engines is the manufacturer of the Cam100 and Cam125 Honda-based aero engines which are used in Canair Hovercraft.
Hovercraft Club of Canada For the latest news on the Canadian hovercraft scene, visit the Canadian Club site. Note the lengthy history of hovercraft development in Canada on the page Hovercraft in Canada.
Hovercraft of Arkansas For new and used light utility and recreational hovercraft in the USA, please contact Hovercraft of Arkansas.
Alemdar Marine Technology Alemdar Marine, of Istanbul, Turkey, is a world leader in ultra-high speed watercraft.

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